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Do Crime Rates Really Increase in Summer? Why?

You may have heard that the summer months often demonstrate an increase in crime rates. This may seem like an urban legend or misconception at first — like the common misconception that you must wait 24 hours before you may file a missing persons report. However, it turns out that data clearly shows that most […]

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Fast Facts About the History of Bail Bonds

History of Bail Bonds   The practice of bail bonds dates back for centuries. Researchers have even found evidence of posting bail as far back as 2700 B.C.! Some ancient clay tablets found in modern-day Iraq describe the details of posted bail bonds.   Throughout the Dark Ages and the early Middle Ages in Europe, […]

History of Bail Bonds

Don’t Assume That COVID-19 Will Get You Out of Jail

As a result of COVID-19, leaders around the country have encouraged businesses, organizations, and citizens to take measures such as social distancing and staying at home. Thanks to the strong leadership of Governor Walz, Minnesota is considered a leader in the response to COVID-19. One such measure that Minnesota has taken in the effort to […]

Don't assume Covid will get you out of jail

What If I Can’t Afford a Bail Bond?

The purpose of a bail bond is that it provides a way for someone in custody to post bail (and thus be released from custody) even if they cannot afford the full amount of the bail that was set by the judge. For example, if the judge set your bail at $10,000, you could obtain […]

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How to Find a Bail Bond Agent Near You

When you find yourself booked for a crime, what’s the best way to find a bail bond agent near you? How do you know which bail bond agent to call? Should you call the bail bond agent nearest your location, or one that’s closest to your home?   At A-Affordable Bail Bonds, we provide a […]

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