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Meet Our Attorneys: Richard Edinger

A-Affordable Bail Bonds is proud to partner with attorneys from around the Midwest. These partnerships allow us to refer our clients to effective, experienced legal representation and receive the best defense possible.   Over the next several weeks, we’d like to introduce you to some of our partner attorneys and highlight their areas of expertise. […]

What is “Bail Jumping”, and What Are the Consequences?

The act of “posting bail,” that is, paying a fee to the court that allows you to be released from jail until your scheduled court date, establishes a “guarantee” between yourself and the court that you will appear for your trail. Once you hold up your end of the bargain by making all of your […]

How Do I Get My Bail Money Back Once my Case is Settled?

Nobody wants to get arrested. But it’s particularly frustrating when you’re sent to jail for a crime you know you didn’t commit. Even if you have no doubt that a court will find you innocent once you have a chance to present your case, you’re still required to jump through the various legal “hoops” of […]

What Happens After an Arrest?

An arrest is a frustrating, stressful, and often confusing event. Your mind is racing with questions such as, what now? What does this mean for me and my future? What does this mean for my family? Of course, your most immediate thought is likely: how can I get out of here as fast as possible?    […]

Four Questions You Should Ask a Potential Bail Bondsman

After you or your loved one has been arrested, a judge will set bail. When you pay your bail or pay a bail bondsman, you are free to leave until the next court date. By signing a contract with a bail bondsman, you can pay a small fraction of the bail and the bondsman will […]

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