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Bail Bond Industry Myths and Misconceptions

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Being arrested for a crime is chaotic enough as it is, whether you’re guilty or not. There are a lot of misconceptions about bail bonds and how they work which deters people from seeking help. The truth is, bond agents are licensed professionals and can help prevent you from spending an unpleasant time in jail. To understand the bail bond industry better, A-Affordable Bail Bonds is here to share and debunk common myths.

Common Myths

You Must Pay the Full Amount of Bail with All Cash

The average bail for a felony is roughly $10,000–not an amount that most people have available at any given time. The defendant has two options: to post bail in full themselves or to seek out the help of a bond agent. If they choose the latter, a percentage of the total bail will be paid to the bond agent as a nonrefundable premium/fee. Minnesota and North Dakota allow bond agents to charge up to 10%. The rest of the bail money posted by the bond agent is on loan to the defendant.

You’ll Receive Money Back if Found Innocent

Bail is a way for the judicial system to ensure that the defendant will abide by court regulations and show up to the trial date. Similar to a loan officer, a bail agent collects a nonrefundable fee, or premium, from the defendant and loans them the rest of their bond. If the defendant fails to attend their required court dates, they forfeit this loan and are required by law to pay it back through collateral or cosigners. If they obey regulations and show up to all of their court dates, the bail money is returned to the bond agent and the defendant no longer owes any money. This is regardless of innocent or guilty verdicts.

Bail Agents are Unprofessional

There’s a common misconception that the bail bonds industry is unregulated and enables criminals to go back on the streets. The truth is, everyone has a right to remain free until it’s time for their trial. Bail agents act with integrity and must follow state regulations when it comes to obtaining their licenses as well as undergo training and pass a background check.

You Should Avoid Bail Bonds if You’re Guilty

A bail agent’s job is to provide citizens with their constitutional right to remain free until a verdict is reached. Remaining in custody not only prevents you from being with family but you may also lose out on money by being unable to work. If it looks like prison time is on the horizon, you will at least be able to tie up loose ends and prepare for the time you’ll be away.

There’s a Long Wait Time for Having a Bond Agent Post Bail

We recommend getting in touch with a bail bond company as soon as you can and having the legal name, birthday, bond amount, and charges of the defendant ready along with the name of the jail. If a cosigner will be involved, their name, city of residence, employment history, and date of birth will be needed as well. Once that information is obtained, filling out paperwork is a quick, ten-minute process with the bail being posted soon after. Each county differs in times of release once the funds are received. Additionally, payment plans for premiums are also available, making the process even smoother.

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