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Handy Reference of Jail Rosters in Minnesota

Are you in need of information about where an inmate is being held and/or the details of their arrest? Use our handy reference guide to quickly and easily find links to jail rosters from counties throughout Minnesota.   Aitkin County Jail Roster   Aitkin County is located in north-central Minnesota, northeast of Mille […]

Police officers

Bail Bond for Gun Arrests & What to Do Next

You may have been arrested on a legal technicality, or you may have had a weapon in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Either way, there’s no need to feel shame. You need a bail bond for your weapons charges.   In Minnesota, lawmakers have taken the stance that a crime or dispute tends […]

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What to do after your DUI/DWI Arrest

You’re not alone.   You’ve just been arrested for a DUI and you’re wondering what to do next.   Fortunately, we have bail bonds for DUI.   Even if you’re a nonviolent offender, there’s a chance the judge at your first hearing won’t release you on your own recognizance. This is most likely the case […]

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The Covid-19 Pandemic in Minnesota’s Jails

On January 5, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the first round of Minnesota’s department of corrections prison inmates received the newest Moderna vaccine for COVID-19.    The story didn’t lay out a plan for vaccinations to reach those in Minnesota’s county jails. Additionally, the state health department’s website offers scarce information about when the […]

Covid-19 In Jails

Supporting the Parents, and The Children, When an Arrest is Involved

Your spouse or child’s other parent gets arrested. Or maybe you’re now the guardian of a child whose parent is in jail.   The situation is traumatic for your child, it’s traumatic for you and it’s traumatic for the other parent. With the child left in your care, you hardly have time to process the […]

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