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Why a Bail Bondsman is Your Best Friend in Jail

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You’ll never be more aware of your haves and have-nots than after being arrested. Apart from those convicted of violent crimes and people who are otherwise considered a danger to others, posting bail allows detainees to return home while awaiting trial. Unfortunately, bail amounts often exceed the money that people have readily at hand. At times, it also exceeds the amount of money that their friends and family members are willing to risk on their behalf. If you’re ever arrested, you’ll find that your very best friend is a bail bondsman. Read on to find out why.

Bail Bondsmen Are Impartial and Committed to Helping People Get Out

Criminal charges can have an immediate and incredibly significant impact on how people both view and treat others. Although those who are accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty, this doesn’t change the fact that their family members, professional associates, and friends might think otherwise. In your time of greatest need, a bail bondsman won’t care about what you have or haven’t done. Whether you’ve committed the crime that you’ve been accused of or you’ve been falsely accused, a bail bondsman is only concerned with whether or not you’re willing to adhere to the terms of your bail bond agreement.

These professionals are committed to helping people get out of jail. Apart from making sure that their clients show up for all of their scheduled court dates, they don’t make judgments or greatly concern themselves with the details of individual cases. In short, even if no one else in your life is willing to stand up for you when you want to get out of jail, a bail bondsman will. Keep in mind that borrowing money or asking people to front money on your behalf is never easy. However, it can be especially challenging when your reputation is already on the line.

Your Bail Bondsman Will Have In-Depth Knowledge of the Local Court System

Few professionals are as adept in navigating the local court system as bail bondsmen. They do it all the time. There’s nothing like having a friend who knows the answers to all of your questions and who can expedite your path to freedom after an arrest. When you want a friend who’s knowledgeable and well-seasoned in solving the exact problem that you’re facing, there’s no better person to turn to than a bail bondsman.

A Bail Bondsman Can Get You Out of Jail at a Mere Fraction of Your Established Bail Amount

Bail amounts in Minnesota are often overwhelming. Some people are required to pay more than they make in a year, and more than they’ve ever saved in their lives. Working with a bail bondsman will eliminate the need to sell off assets (or to have family members sell them off on your behalf). At a mere fraction of your established bail amount, a bail bondsman can get you out of jail within a matter of hours. They make the impossible possible.

You Can Start Building Your Case With the Help of a Bail Bondsman

Sitting in jail while you await your trial is actually one of the worst things for your case. As you miss work, miss rent and car payments, and fail to be a consistent part of your family’s life, it becomes harder to prove your innocence on the merits of your personal character. Conditions in jail also set the stage for additional crimes. Even if you’ve never committed a criminal act and aren’t prone to fighting or other displays of violence, you may find yourself facing new charges simply because you’ve had to make survival-oriented decisions in a notoriously dangerous and high-risk environment. Having a bail bondsman on your team will allow you to escape to the safety of your home. More importantly, it will give you the chance to find good legal representation and to start building your defense right away.

You Can Continue Caring for Your Family and Handling Your Outside Responsibilities

After an arrest, all of the little things suddenly matter. Much of what you’ve come to take for granted in your life will take on far greater importance when you find yourself without it. A hot shower in your own bathroom, the ability to kiss your kids goodnight, and the familiarity and stability of your daily work routine are all things that you’ll find yourself pining away for while sitting in a jail cell. It’s during these moments that the empathy, experience, and understanding of a bail bondsman are worth their weight in gold.

No one can better assist you in navigating this challenging process than a Minnesota bail bondsman. If you or someone you care about is having a hard time posting bail, we can help. Get in touch with us now to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how to get started.


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