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What to do after your DUI/DWI Arrest

DUI Bail Bond

You’re not alone.

You’ve just been arrested for a DUI and you’re wondering what to do next.

Fortunately, we have bail bonds for DUI.

Even if you’re a nonviolent offender, there’s a chance the judge at your first hearing won’t release you on your own recognizance. This is most likely the case if this isn’t your first DUI.

Other factors that may wind up in you receiving a bail in the form of a dollar amount is if your DUI/DWI is a felony. This is more likely if your DUI/DWI caused property damage. Your first DUI may also be elevated to a second-degree DWI/DUI if you had a passenger who is a minor, or if your blood alcohol level is .16 or higher.

Even these instances don’t leave you hopeless. This just means the judge wants assurance you’ll make your next hearing — that is, a financial assurance. Enter your bail bond for DUI. 

The maximum bail for DUI or bail for DWI in Minnesota will be set at $12,000. That means that at 10 percent, you may only owe the court $1,200.

If this is your second arrest for DWI or DUI, you may be required to pay the maximum amount of bail. Just like the factors that determined whether you’d have a cash bail to begin with, the amount of your bail will also depend on how high your blood alcohol level was at your arrest, your age and other factors.

Make all of your court appearances and go through the process correctly, and there’s a chance you’ll get the money back from the court after the process.

The most amount of time you’ll spend in jail before seeing a judge for the first time is 36 hours. This does exclude the day you were arrested, holidays and Sundays. This may also come down to judge availability. Of course, don’t just sit and wait. Browse our legal resources to get quality representation in your case!

We’re happy to help get you a bail bond for your DUI. But your bail bond may come down to more than just cash. In Minnesota, your judge may set a conditional bail or unconditional bail.

A bail with conditions is likely to be set at a lower amount, but you’re expected to meet certain provisions. For example, you may not be allowed to drink alcohol during the court process, or not drive until the case is resolved.

A bail without conditions is likely to be set at a higher amount. But the good news is that you have no provisions to meet.

Conditional bail or unconditional bail, one thing is certain: You must make your court appearances. Otherwise, you may go back to jail and won’t get your bail back.

So, what now?

Call one of our experienced law partners and get representation right away. Then call us and let us help you. It’s time to get home and fight your case. That’s easiest to do on the outside.

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