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Navigating the Different Types of Bail Bonds

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In the case of an arrest, you may be in need of bail. There are several types of bail available, allowing you to return home after an arrest. Here is a quick overview of the types of bail bonds and how to apply each one.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is exactly what it sounds like. Someone makes a cash payment to release a person in custody. Most of the time, cash is the only way to pay. Some locations will accept a credit card or a cashier’s check as payment. Be sure you find this out before showing up to pay the bill. If you do not have thousands of dollars lying around to post bail, you may need to contact a bail bondsman for help.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is the most common type of bond offered by a bail bondsman. It requires a payment of 10% of the total amount of bail needed. When you make a surety bond, you are also promising to appear in court on your scheduled date. A-Affordable Bail Bonds provides flexible payment, and we will work with you to help figure out your situation.

Property Bond

If you do not have enough cash available to pay your bond, a bail bondsman may take property as collateral. Depending on the amount of bail needed, you can offer up a car, your home or other assets as collateral for your bond. A property bond goes directly through the court and takes more time to process. The court must determine the value of your collateral and will perform an assessment on your property. Typically, this process takes a couple of weeks.

Citation Release

The best-case scenario is a citation release. Instead of an arrest, the officer presents the person with a citation to appear in court on a certain date. Citation releases are for things like traffic violations or minor crimes. The arresting officer has the power to give a citation release or take someone into custody. Even for a minor crime, it is the right of the officer to make the decision between a citation release and custody.

Immigration Bail Bond

An undocumented immigrant might be in need of an immigration bail bond. This type of bond depends a lot on the status of the immigrant. The best way to obtain one is to contact a lawyer or a bail bondsman who has experience with this type of case. The situation is tricky and requires someone with experience to navigate the details.

Federal Bail Bond

Custody by the federal government requires a federal bail bond. This type of bond is also obtained by either cash or property. A bail bondsman does not typically handle these types of cases due to the high stakes. The courts handle federal bail bonds, which are similar to property bonds and require more time.

A-Affordable Bail Bonds is available to help with all of your bail needs. We can help you navigate the situation, providing you with a way to go home to your family. If you or a loved one is in trouble, give us a call today to get started on the paperwork.


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