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Can You Bail Someone Out at Night or on the Weekends in Minnesota?

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When faced with the reality of having a loved one or close friend arrested and put in jail, there are a hundred different things swimming around your mind. Knowing what options are available to you and the process is important. One of the first priorities is getting them out of jail as quickly as possible. In the state of Minnesota, when charged, and in the custody of law enforcement, a defendant is allowed to post bail in most circumstances. Some charges have a predetermined bail amount where it is not necessary to see a judge. In the case of a charge that does not have an established bail schedule, a hearing in front of a judge will determine the amount for bail. These hearings are required by law within 48 hours of the arrest. 

However, to avoid jail overcrowding many charges have a bail schedule. Under these conditions, it is a much faster process to get them out of jail. There are three options for a defendant at this point: 

  • The defendant can pay the total amount of bail themselves
  • A third party can pay the total amount of bail for them
  • The defendant can use a bail bond company 

Using a bail bond company is a common option for most people. A bond is a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court on their appointed date. If the defendant fails to appear then the company pays the full amount of the bond to the court. The bail bond company charges the defendant a percentage of the total bond amount for this service. 

After Hours Bail

Because many arrests occur in the evening or on the weekend, most businesses are already closed. You will find that most companies that offer bail bonds never close. They understand the importance of being available after hours, and at a moment’s notice. If the defendant’s charge is one that has a predetermined bail amount, there is no need to see a judge, and the defendant can be bailed-out regardless of the time of day. But while it is absolutely possible to obtain a bond company, there are other factors that can slow things down including: 

Defendant Population

If the jail has a lot of defendants, they are going through the same process. It takes a while to do all the necessary paperwork, and make sure everything is in order. This takes time and the more people are in the system on any given day or night is going to impact the speed at which your friend or loved one will be ready for release. 

Jail Staffing

The jail is probably having staffing issues like anywhere else. Especially when it comes to nights and weekends. The fewer people are working at the jail, the longer it will take for release. These individuals also are responsible for making sure all paperwork is correct and the right procedures are followed. They won’t get lax on their procedures regardless of how light the staff is, so it will definitely slow things down. 

What to do in Any Scenario

Commonly, whether it is a night or a weekend, a person may find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless of the circumstances, if an arrest is made, they won’t want to be locked up all weekend. If they ask questions to the jail staff they may or may not get speedy answers. Good people find themselves in these unfortunate situations. There is no reason to miss work, or worry family any more than necessary. The clock is ticking and the priority is getting them released. Contact us day or night to help make this process as quick and painless as possible. Our professional staff will be there with you and for you in your hour of need. 

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