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Busting 3 Myths About Bail Bonds 

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With over a decade of experience in providing bail bonds for our clients, we’ve encountered quite a few misconceptions about the bail bond industry, bail bondsmen themselves, and what a bail bond is or means. Today, we’d like to clear up some of these myths! The last thing we’d want is for anyone to spend more time in jail than is necessary due to a misunderstanding of the bail bond system, or a preconceived notion of what bail bond businesses are like.


Myth #1: Bail Bondsmen are Shady Characters

Perhaps it’s because of their direct association with the criminal court system, and the perception that they “help criminals avoid prison.” But whatever the reason, bail bondsmen have an unfair reputation for being criminals or “predators” themselves — simply for doing their jobs. Even if you don’t consider the bail bonds business as criminal activity, you might imagine a typical “bail bondsman” as a gruff ex-con trying to help his buddies avoid the clink.

Sound like your idea of a “bail bondsman”? Well, think again! Here at A-Affordable Bail Bonds, we operate a wide network of highly qualified bail bond experts throughout the upper midwest. We partner with local attorneys and courthouses to provide the most convenient, comfortable experience possible for our clients.

As a matter of fact, A-Affordable Bail Bonds is accredited by the Better Business Bureau in recognition of their excellence and transparency in business practices. 


Myth #2: Bail Bond Offices are Shady, Dangerous Places

When you think “bail bond office,” the image that comes to mind might be straight out of a film noir scene. Perhaps you imagine a dark, back-alley office, tucked among flickering neon signs for dive bars and pool halls. Once again, this misconception may have to do with the link between bail bonds and criminals. 

Again, this simply isn’t true! For example, our main Brainerd office is located within walking distance of the Crow Wing County Service Center, Brainerd High School, and Adamson Field. Heck, during these summer months, you may even catch us grilling in the parking lot from time to time!

The reason we want to dispel this myth is to promote the facts: we want our clients to feel comfortable, at ease, and confident about the bail bond process. That starts with providing a welcoming environment where you can discuss your situation.


Myth #3: Bail Bondsmen Take Advantage of Unfortunate Circumstances

There can be a tendency to lump bail bond businesses in with less-reputable industries such as predatory pay-day lending. The idea being that, like predatory pay-day lenders, bail bond businesses make their money off poor, unfortunate folks who have nowhere else to turn. As such, they charge exorbitant fees and lobby for higher sentences — which translate to higher bail and more profits.

In reality, not only is the bail bond business strictly regulated — requiring specific licenses and ongoing reviews — but the bail bond companies themselves have no control over what bail is set.

In fact, without the ability to obtain a bail bond, many folks would find themselves in even more desperate straits. If nothing else, a bail bond provides an opportunity to get one’s affairs in order before they are required to appear in court and serve their sentence. If you are certain to be acquitted in court, a bail bond ensures your life won’t be unnecessarily disrupted by a crime you did not commit.

We hope that we’ve helped set the record straight on these myths about bail bond businesses. Now that the myths have been dispelled, we hope you won’t hesitate to give us a call if you need us!


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