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Bail Bond for Gun Arrests & What to Do Next

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You may have been arrested on a legal technicality, or you may have had a weapon in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Either way, there’s no need to feel shame. You need a bail bond for your weapons charges.

In Minnesota, lawmakers have taken the stance that a crime or dispute tends to escalate when a weapon and/or gun is present. For that reason, if you have a weapon when you’re arrested for an assault, possession of drugs or another crime, you’re likely facing harsher penalties for that reason alone.

And if you were prohibited from having a gun — whether due to a prior conviction or another reason — you may even be looking at a mandatory minimum sentence once your case moves through the courts.

This is why you need to make bail for your gun charges or weapons charges. It’s time to not only face freedom, but devote your time fighting your case and not devoting that time behind bars. That’s where we’re here to help. While you’re working to secure your bond, here’s some tips in the event of a gun arrest.


  • Do not use force:
    Especially because an arrest dealing with weapons is involved, give up your weapon as voluntarily as possible and comply with the arresting officers.
    You don’t want your frustration in the moment to wind up adding an offense of resisting an arrest or assault on an officer, especially if you plan to fight your other charges in court. There will be plenty of time through the court process to show your side of the story, and that may begin with how you acted during the arrest process.
  • Plan to be searched:
    It’s likely that during your arrest, law enforcement has already found the weapon(s) for which you’ll be charged, or at least one of them if multiple weapons are involved.
    There is a high likelihood that you’ll be searched again at jail. If you have any other illegal substances or items, plan for law enforcement to seize those.
    If law enforcement asks what other items you have on you, you may as well be forthcoming and hope that your honesty sheds a positive light during your court case. Cooperation may also help you receive more lenient bond conditions, not to mention the possibility for a lower bail amount.
    Besides, whatever you have on you will likely be found in searches, anyway.
  • Know that your arrest may be published
    Not only do many news outlets publish arrest records. Mug shots and such records can now be published online. If your arrest came after a public incident, an incident with a lot of notable factors or a heavy police presence, your arrest may even become a local crime story.
    Don’t worry about this right now. Let’s just worry about getting your bail bond in place so you can get home and fight through your case.
  • Know your rights and use them
    Anyone who’s seen a cop movie knows, “You have the right to remain silent.”
    Invoke your right to remain silent! Plus, you should always ask for an attorney. Think your weapons arrest was all a misunderstanding and you have nothing to hide? Ask for an attorney.
    Was your arrest more on a legal technicality than from a violent dispute or a crime spree? Still, you need to ask for an attorney. There is no reason to be interrogated alone.
    Need fair and compassionate legal representation during your case? Check out our attorney partners here.

Call us for help.

After your booking, you’re allowed to make a phone call. If you call a loved one, ask them to call us. Or, you can use your phone call to get out of jail and secure your freedom — not to mention, start fighting your case.

From there, we’ll ask you in which jail you’re located, as well as some personal information about your cosigner and for some other information.

If you don’t have all of this information, call anyway. This way we can get the process started, not to mention answer any questions that you may have. You can also contact us online.

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