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6 Common Reasons for Arrest During the Holiday Season

male thief entering house through window

While the holiday season presents a chance to open presents, spend time with loved ones and decorate a tree, another widespread occurrence is increased arrests. More festivities lead to increased alcohol consumption, stress, and opportunities for many illegal activities. Therefore, it is common to witness a lot of arrests made due to increased crime rates during the holidays. In this article, let’s look at six common reasons for arrest during the holiday season, including;

Domestic Violence

The holiday season is a beautiful time for families to get together and make merry, but a negative side arises due to the stress associated with festivities. Domestic violence is one of the common reasons for arrest during holidays. Conflicts arise due to disagreements among family members, which might lead to domestic and physical violence.

Due to increased alcohol consumption, most people might get into fights or react violently. Stressful events during holidays like Christmas might stimulate verbal and physical altercations leading to assault. Financial constraints during the festive season can increase tension, and having many people come together in one place only worsens the situation.

Package Theft

Since the holidays require people to handle many tasks and still be present to spend time with family, people prefer to shop online and get the packages on their doorsteps. However, the result is an increase in package theft as some people follow the delivery drivers and postal carriers to collect the boxes as soon as they drop them on the doorstep.

People who might lack the finances to buy gifts for their friends and family might opt to steal the readily available packages on the front porch. The penalty for package theft is just the same as shoplifting. The only difference is that the product’s value inside the box is unknown. The retail value of the product determines the penalty.

Drunk Driving

As a result of the increase in alcohol consumption, arrests significantly increase due to driving under the influence. More police officers are always on the roads during the holiday season to check drivers’ sobriety to reduce crashes.

Patrols are always on the lookout on the roads due to increased travel and alcohol consumption. Most accidents occur especially between Christmas and New Year, so patrols are always alert throughout the holiday season.


The pressure to offer gifts to loved ones, host parties, and still visit places usually leads some people to shoplift some items. An increase in shoplifting is a recurrent problem during the festivities and holidays. A factor that enables people to shoplift is the increase in shoppers, and people seize the opportunity as the security staff is not able, in many cases, to monitor all the activities happening in the store.

Many stores are busy during the holiday season, and store owners might choose to press charges against you for shoplifting or any other form of theft.

Break-ins(home and vehicle)

Break-ins are among the common reasons for arrests during the holiday season. Especially if car owners leave valuables in the car, vehicle break-ins are expected during the holidays. Besides vehicle break-ins, burglary is a common reason for arrest during the holiday season, as most people leave their residences to visit friends and family or travel for a holiday.

Vacant homes are a prime target for break-ins since no one can raise the alarm to alert security. Leaving cars in the driveway with the lights on can help reduce the break-in risks.

Identity Theft

Increased online shopping can make people forget to use secure means to order products, and other people can, unfortunately, access private information. Most identity theft occurs during the holidays as most people aim to utilize free shipping.

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