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A-Affordable Bail Bonds

A-Affordable will assist you through the Bail Bond process

With our strong network of well trained and properly licensed bail bond agents, A-Affordable Bail Bonds has been proudly serving the state of Minnesota for over ten years. Call 877-724-6520 now to begin the process of setting your friend or loved one free! Call with confidence, we are an Expert Bail Bond Agent member with the approval of the Better Business Bureau standing behind us.


We understand that this can be a frustrating time for everyone involved and it is our goal to answer any questions you may have from “What is a Bail Bond,” to “How long will it take for the defendant to be released.”

It is our sincere belief that by giving you excellent service and sharing our knowledge of the criminal release process we can ensure that your loved one returns home quickly with the best service in the industry!

We are passionate about equipping our clients with the necessary information and, more importantly, the opportunity to move forward from their experience with us successfully. It is our sincere hope that we would have no repeat defendants, but we are grateful for the chance to work with you through your struggles, however long they may take.

Call A-Affordable Bail Bonds today at 877-724-6520.

A-Affordable Bail Bonds has local agents currently serving all of Minnesota and North Dakota